Fundraiser Hoagies

Do you need to raise thousands of dollars for your organization?

Worthington Market is home of the fundraiser hoagie and we can help!  We sell 12 inch hoagies to school groups, church organizations, or other nonprofits to help them raise money!  You can order our classic Italian, Turkey, and/or Ham.  Our Italians include bologna, salami, ham, and provolone cheese.  Our Ham hoagies are made with Hormel Ham and our Turkey hoagies are made with real Honeysuckle Turkey.  All hoagies come with lettuce, tomato, and a packet of Italian. All hoagies can be made with or without onions to satisfy the needs of your customers.  Worthington Market sells fundraiser hoagies @ $3.50 a piece.

Organizations have the potential to make anywhere from $0.50 to $3.50 per hoagie!  Below we have provided you with a chart of your earning potential at each price point:


Key Figures:

– By selling just 500 hoagies you can make between $750 to $1750 for your organization
– If you were to sell 1500 hoagies you could make between $2250 and $5250 depending on your sell price

How can your organization generate even more revenue?

Create a bundle deal…Chips and Water!


By selling a bundle, you can increase your sales price and margin and reach higher profitability goals in fewer sales!


What Can Worthington Market Do for you?

– Provide an easy to use order form template…which can be found here
– Receive your order totals 2 weeks ahead of desired delivery or pick-up date
– Cut all the meat and cheese
– Assemble and Label all the delicious hoagies for your consumption
Deliver (Anywhere in the Pittsburgh/Western PA Region) or hold for Pick-up

We Make Raising Money Easy!

For more information or to arrange a fundraiser, please call us and talk to Lisa or Carl @ 724-297-3607!